Disneyland Paris June 2017 Haul!


It’s been a while since my last post but if you follow my Instagram (also @mainstreetmagiic) then you will know that over the weekend I went to Disneyland Paris! I had the most magical 3 day trip, although the heat and the queues were unbearable at times. Anyway, I spent quite a bit on gifts and souvenirs for myself and my family with it being the 25th Anniversary so I thought I would share these with you all so that you can get an idea of what is available if you have an upcoming trip!

The first thing I purchased was my Magic Plus Annual Pass. I actually purchased this before my trip via Supertrips.net where the passes where on sale for €186.75 (€249 at the gate). This was really easy to use, all you have to do is print off your temporary ticket which will be emailed to you. This gives you access to the park where you will need to go to the passport office to make it official! The pass was worth the money for me personally as it gave us the extra magic hours which we wouldn’t have had as we stayed offsite. It also gave us 10% off food, merchandise and a free drink with your sit down meal.IMG_0587

My next purchase was obviously my 25th Anniversary Minnie ears! These were the only ones that I could see available during our stay, but from watching hauls before my trip I had already decided I wanted these ones anyway which was lucky. These cost around €17.

If you follow my Instagram you may know that I like to scrapbook a lot and so I picked up a few pieces of memorabilia that I could keep with photos of my trip. This included free items such as park maps and programmes as well as bought items such as Post cards (Pirates of the Caribbean €1.50, 25th Anniversary €2.50) and the Collectable coins which were €2 each. There are a wide selection of different styles of coins however I just wanted the 2017 and 25th Anniversary ones to commemorate my trip.

Obviously you can’t go to a Disney park and not come home with some treats! The majority of these are actually gifts for my family, I only purchased the Minnie Mouse biscuits for myself as they were my favourite from my last trip and I can always just pinch a biscuit out of my dad’s box once they’re opened. These, the 25th Anniversary biscuits and the caramelised peanuts were all €4.99 each and the bag of chocolates cost €5.99.IMG_0602

Another gift I bought was this 25th Anniversary Travel Mug. This was for my mum as she requested one before I left and it cost either €11.99 or €12.99 (I’m sorry I peeled the sticker off before gave it to her and forgot to write the price down). I love this mug it’s great quality and the design of it is so cute, I really regret not buying one for myself.

Whilst I’m on the subject of gifts I also picked up a keyring for my Nan. This one cost €6.99 and was ideal for her because its quite smart and subtle Disney. I was quite disappointed with the keyring selection this time around because there wasn’t really one that caught my eye and the silver Mickey Mouse 25th Anniversary one was out of stock so I didn’t get one.IMG_0596

My next purchase is Disney Pins! I love to collect and trade pins and I was totally overwhelmed with the pin selection this trip, I had to restrain myself from buying more. The first pin on the left is the Hotel Cheyenne pin, I think this cost €8.99, because I stayed here on my last trip but the pin was sold out and was all weekend up until the evening of my last day. The next pin is the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction pin which cost €7.99 I think, this is my absolute favourite ride so I couldn’t resist buying the pin. The final pin is one of the 25th Anniversary ones, this one was my favourite as it had more characters on it with the castle and the best part is that it spins! This was the most expensive and I think it cost €9.99. I also traded a few pins on my trip which are in the left image so I was quite pleased with them, especially the Tiana one which I got after watching the Princess show (amazing!!!). The yellow Ratatouille stick came free with my steak from Chez Remy so naturally I kept that as well.

The next item is one of my favourites because I am such a mug person. I was searching everywhere for the perfect mug to take home but I couldn’t find one I really liked the look of until I saw this one in the figurine shop on Mainstreet. This cost €22.99 with engraving, which is really expensive for a mug I know but I love it so much. I chose Winnie the Pooh because I liked the yellow one the best but they have plenty of other characters and colours to choose from. My mum is also a mug person and I knew she would have some severe mug envy once she saw mine so I bought her the Minnie Mouse one for her birthday. I went to the castle for that one as the engraving took 4 hours on Mainstreet whereas it was complete within 1 hour in the castle store.

The last item on my haul was actually one of the first things I bought and that was this Minnie Mouse plush. I saw this on a haul so I knew that I wanted to buy it before I got there and it cost €25.99. I love vintage Minnie and this fluffy style of plush makes her even more adorable so I couldn’t help myself.


So that’s the end of my Disneyland Paris June 2017 haul! I know I bought a lot but I did get an extra 10% off these original prices with my annual pass and I worked some very long hours to save so that I’d be able to get what I wanted. Thank you for reading my blog post I hope you enjoyed my haul!

Love Shona xx


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