Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Highlights!

Welcome back to my blog! As you may know, I have recently visited Disneyland Paris for their 25th Anniversary celebrations. I had the most amazing trip and I just wanted to share some of my highlights and tips for those of you who are looking to go or just enjoy reading about other peoples experiences!

There are so many new sources of entertainment that have been introduced as part of the 25th Anniversary in comparison to my earlier visit in December 2016 which really benefitted my most recent trip. I’ve decided to share with you my top 6 anniversary experiences!

6♥ Food! I know Disneyland Paris hasn’t always been the most impressive on the snacking front however they have stepped up their game for the anniversary! The 3 themed food items I bought were the star shaped beignet (or doughnut – not like the beignets you get at the Port Orleans Resort in WDW), star shaped chicken nuggets and a tub of ice cream with a 25th Anniversary wafer. Although admittedly very overpriced, these were all delicious treats. However, the blue popcorn I had heard so much about was no longer available – this was truly devastating as you can imagine.

5♥ Another new feature of the ’25 years of Stars’ was the displays. A lot of effort has clearly gone into making the Disneyland Parc look incredible, from the blue and silver character figurines in front of the castle to the window displays along Main Street. My personal favourite was the 25th Anniversary teacup (found in the seating area for March Hare Refreshments behind the teacups) which is a great photo opportunity! You can really feel the magic and excitement surrounding the 25th Anniversary from the moment that you step into the park.


4♥ One of my favourite improvements was Big Thunder Mountain! I know this isn’t strictly for the 25th Anniversary however the refurbishment was planned so that it would be updated in time for the celebrations. The new explosion scene and the technology involved was seriously impressive, making it my favourite ride out of all of the parks I’ve been to so far.

3♥ Next up is the Disney Stars on Parade. As it was so hot during our trip, we felt it was necessary to return to the hotel to freshen up and on 2/3 days this occurred during the parade and so we regrettably only got to watch it once. Regardless, it was an incredible parade, the steampunk themed floats were really beautifully designed and the new characters introduced made it such a wonderful surprise! Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen it yet, I particularly loved the Lost Boys and Mowgli – so adorable! This parade was one of the highlights of my trip and one of the reasons I’m hoping to return during the 25th Anniversary.

2♥ The shows! There are 2 shows in the Disneyland Parc which take place on the stage at the side of the castle. Firstly there is the ‘Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris’. When I visited, this show was only on 3 times a day and again we only got to see it once but it was simply amazing. There were so many character appearances and interactions with the children sat closer to the front, it was really lovely to watch. It goes through all the different areas of the park and their related characters but my favourite part was when Mickey appeared in his 25th Anniversary outfit and all the characters were on stage together. Although I enjoyed every minute of this show, it was the Starlit Princess Waltz that stole the show for me (pardon the pun). I could honestly sit and watch the princesses dance around all day, it was so magical and I felt like a child again. As this show was on more frequently throughout the day, we saw it twice with the second time being on the front row. There was actually a lot of people a similar age to myself at the front so I didn’t feel too bad and it was also a later showing, so if you’re a bit older and really want a good spot just go for it! It is totally worth it, especially when the Disney couples walked off of the stage right in front of you.

1♥ Finally we have the ultimate highlight of my trip, Illuminations. It is so hard to put into words how absolutely incredible this show is. There is something in there for everyone, even Star Wars makes an appearance! The best part for me was Pirates of the Caribbean and the live action Beauty and the Beast. The latter made me so emotional, especially on the night were everyone sat down in front of the castle and watched the show, I don’t know if this happens often but it felt really special and for once I could actually see everything. The music, the fireworks, the special effects and the fire (!!!!) completely surpassed my expectations in comparison to the Christmas edition of Dreams I saw last year.

Overall, it is clear to me that Disneyland Paris have gone over and above for their 25th Anniversary and I would recommend this trip to any Disney fan! Although my heart will always be in Walt Disney World, this trip to Disneyland Paris really made me feel like I was home again. It was a truly magical experience and I cannot wait to return again in the future as there is so much more that I didn’t have time to do whilst I was there, such as meeting the characters in their 25th outfits. I hope that this post really did the anniversary events justice and helped if any of you are planning to visit over the next few months.

Thank you so much for reading this post!

Love Shona xx


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